Union Square's Property Manager Stacy Boyle Named VT/NH Manager of the Year

For many who grew up locally "The Block" represents a low point in Windsor's past. For someone new to the area Union Square Apartments represent the preservation of great architecture and quality affordable housing.  The transformation is an excellent example of turning a negative into a positive. The renovation took vision (and about $17.5 million) and Windsor is a much better place for it.
As was pointed out a couple of weeks ago, Union Square is much more than a pretty building, it is home to a solid group of residents that make up, in many ways their own community. A key component of making that community function is local property manager Stacy Boyle of Stewart Management. Stacy was recently recognized by the USDA Rural Development agency as the VT/NH site manager of the year. This is a great success story not just for Stacy but for Stewart Management and Windsor. Stacy saw what “The Block” was like at its worst and has been a big part of making the Union Square Apartments the asset it is today.  Thank you to Stacy for your efforts, thanks to Stewart for her recruitment and support and thanks to those in Windsor who helped make the renovation a reality

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