Grazi’s getting $2.54 a gallon for gasoline

... and falling

It has gone done since yesterday

NEWPORT — The price of gasoline at the pumps has generally been on the downslide of late, almost on a daily bases in some areas.

Newport motorists are probably overjoyed at how the price of gas has continued to go down over the past few days. 

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To get a base price per gallon, the average price for regular gasoline in New Hampshire on Wednesday was $2.68.5 per gallon while across the United States it was $2.72.1

Just one month ago those same two numbers were $2.79.4 and $288.1.

Here in Sullivan County, the price at the pump varied greatly between Claremont and Newport.

Claremont has generally been steady with no changes while Newport has made major downward slides.

A check on Sunday in Claremont found all eight gasoline outlets were charging $2.83 per gallon for regular gas.

Based on recent changes, Newport’s six outlets were pretty much in a league by themselves. Here’s the list of six:


Shop Express—$2.57



Jiffy Mart—$2.63


The price per gallon in both Claremont and Newport did not include discounts offered at some of the outlets for motorists who join individual programs or at stations that lower their prices on certain days of the week.

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