Worth Knowing: Good Samaritan needed

Worth Knowing saw this post on the Upper Valley listserv today and thought it merited sharing with its readers. Please consider the request!

"Good Samaritan needed. My neighbors, Herbie and Bev Hodge are in their 90's, and have had a dairy farm in Fairlee for over 50 years that their daughter and son-in-law still run. As you no doubt know it's an acutely difficult time for small dairy farms, and theirs is no different. Herb and Bev heat the downstairs of their farmhouse with a wood burning parlor stove, and they're out of dry firewood, and don't have much money to buy any. If anyone in the greater community has a cord or ANY amount of dry firewood that they could sell at a reasonable price, I can help to move it to the garage on their farm. Please call or email me to make arrangements. The sooner the better. Thank you! Mark Council 802-333-9878."

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