Winter Walking: Discovering Nan Darham

Winter walking once more through the halls of DHMC. My husband and I are eternally grateful to the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Arts Program for populating the walls with art. We make new discoveries each time.

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Like artist Nan Darham of Bozeman, Montana, currently a graduate student in Masters of Arts in Liberal Studies at Dartmouth, whose work is on display in the gallery on the 4th level of the Williamson Translational Research Building. 

Silver Vase, Pink Table with Cat Tail by Nan Darham

Saturated in color and content, a handful of Darham’s works feature wolves of the West, but I am more charmed by the presence of domestic animal companions—especially the cats—in her oil pastels and acrylic paintings.

Sometimes my timing is off. This exhibition continues only through January 7, 2019, which means you have just a few more days to take a look. Worth it though.

(Featured photo, top, is Darham’s Happy Hannukah. Unfortunately, one of my favorites, Mira, Blue Sky, Chocolate Cake and Raspberries, could not be captured with my iPhone camera. But just taste that title.)

Happy New Year, and thank you for reading. See you in 2019.


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