Honor The Work: On Bringing Working To The Upper Valley Stage

Perry Allison and company (We The People) are at it for the second year in a row, this time bringing Studs Terkel's Working to the Upper Valley stage. Allison produced the musical 1776 last year to sell-out audiences at Briggs Opera House in White River Junction. This upcoming show is a little different in its plans to fund the production, tailor-made for the theme and content of Working.

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Are you a company, or an individual? Both can help. Allison is seeking local businesses to underwrite the production in order to “celebrate the hard-working people who make our lives better” and to make theater accessible to as many people as possible. If successful, underwriting would allow We The People to lower ticket prices (by more than half) to $11.50, the established minimum wage in Vermont as of 2019.

Allison is looking for commitments of $2500 from local businesses in honor of their workers. She gives some examples: "A local hotel could honor its housekeepers, a local health club could honor its fitness instructors, a local building supply company its contractors, a retirement community its caregivers." Participating companies will receive ten free tickets for employees, and various public acknowledgements, including a company ad in a full-page advertorial in the Valley News titled "Honoring the Work."

Individuals can contribute too, first by buying tickets and attending the show, which opens on March 1. In addition, We The People has created a "premium ticket." $50 buys one of the best seats in the house at the Briggs (first four rows, center) AND allows the ticket holder to underwrite two tickets for others at the minimum wage price.

If interested, contact Perry Allison at 978-621-1982.  For further information about We The People, go to its website at https://wethepeopletheatre.com. Photos (used with permission) are of the beautiful paintings of workers by Vermont artist Heidi Broner. Click on the link to see more of her art.

Want to know a little more about Studs Terkel and his book Working? Click here.


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