MORE THAN HONEY — free film screening
Ended March 26
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Winner of six film awards! 80% of plant species require bees to be pollinated. Without the pollination provided by bees, many fruits and vegetables could disappear from the face of the Earth. Depending on the world region, 50% to 90% of all local bees have disappeared, and this epidemic is still spreading from beehive to beehive – all over the planet. In the U.S. — 1.5 million (out of 2.4 million total beehives) have disappeared across 27 states. Billions of bees leave their hives, never to return. No bodies are found in the immediate surroundings, and no visible predators can be located. Scientists have found a name for the phenomenon that matches its scale, “colony collapse disorder.” Stunning cinematography. Sponsored by the Yoh Theatre Student Players and Change the World Kids Free admittance. Donations go to support Pentangle. Pentangle Arts' and Sustainable Woodstock's “Climate Change and Sustainability” series usually takes place on the 4th Tuesday of every month.
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