Try Activity Cards at the Montshire Museum: a New Twist on a Fun Favorite

Many of us know and love the Montshire but maybe you find yourself wanting something to mix it up for you and your family. 

I've created some activity cards to try.  They're activities kids can do while they're at the museum.

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Little Ones Activity Card:

Practice counting and exploring with your little one.  This card would work well for kids under five.  

Elementary Age Activity Card:

Kids that are older may need a different type of engagement.  Just participating in the exhibits may no longer be enough, and engagement that requires thinking might be more entertaining.  

Socio-emotional Activity Card:

Practice kind and considerate behavior with the social emotional card.  

Ways to use the cards:

Try to do all the activities on the card or try to get three across.   You can choose whether to reward them if they do some or all of the activities or just use it as a way to explore the museum.

I hope this provides for a different way to interact with the museum and your family as you explore the Montshire.  

For more information about what it's like in the museum check out my post with pictures and tips on different exhibits for different age levels.  You can also read about walking the trails here.  Upper Valley NH VT also did a nice post with cool pictures of different exhibits.

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