More Pizza. More Love. Lots of Passionate Recommendations for Upper Valley's Favorite Pizza Spot

If you want to see the original contenders for the pizza battle click here.  If you want a summary of the results with the top three in each category, click here.

Now you can see other places people really recommend, with their feedback.

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Cockadoodle Pizza Cafe

This was defintely a top recommendation with locals, getting over 30 comment likes on Facebook.  Cockadoodle Pizza is on Main Street in Bethel.  There were rave reviews and people said the "Drive to Bethel for Cockadoodle Pizza Cafe. Totally worth it," and mutliple people agreed.  Other high praise includes the pizza place's "great staff, and cool atmsophere," "definitely best pizza in Upper Valley," and  "couldn't agree more...great food."  You'll get a lot of pizza for your money too as the pizzas are huge.  Want to take one home for dinner later?  They can make you one and you bake yourself.  While you're there try the Bethel Ranch.  So many people had so many stellar things to say about Cockadoodle that someone said they'd have to go check it out and had never even heard of it (I think I'm in the same boat - gotta try this).

Pizza Chef 

Pizza Chef was recommended in Quechee, Woodstock, and especially Windsor. One person said their kids still ask for Windsor Pizza Chef pizza when they come to visit. Another said that even thought they moved to Leb, Windsor Pizza Chef is still their favorite and worth the drive. 

People even inspired others to try some of their other menu items.  Apparently they have great meatball subs, especially the sausage and pepperoni meatball sub.  A commenter said they're going to get one next time they go.  

Three Tomatoes

People recommend Three Tomatoes for its upscale style and gluten free options, as one person recommended: "Three Tomatoes for higher end amazingness with GF options."  One person even said they'd vote for Three Tomatoes as the best 'by a yard.' Another said, "The best pizza EVER is from Three Tomatoes in Lebanon!"

Lui Lui's

If you want a full dining experience, pizza at Lui Lui's is the place to go.

Cuttings Northside Cafe

Located on Rt. 10, north of Hanover Country Club. Cuttings Northside Cafe is a pizza place and is considered a "hidden gem!"

Enfield House of Pizza 

One commenter said Enfield House of Pizza "Recently had the best one ever with caramelized onions, kalmata olives, fresh mozzarella. Great crust too."

Farmer's Table

This restaurant in Grantham serves pizza cooked in a wood fired oven, and it was recommended as a place to enjoy some good pizza: "hands down the best!"  I've heard good things about the food here in general too.

Other Recommendations

Stella's in Lyme, Canaan Village PizzaPoor Thom's Tavern in Meriden, and the Rollin' Doughs pizza food truck in the summer for "True Italian style pizza!"

Looking to cook your own?

Try Dan and Whits"We buy our pizza from Dan & Whit’s, freshly made & cook it at home. Excellent quality ingredients!"  They use King Arthur Flour dough with fresh ingredients "and its cooked in 3 mins in super hot oven or [you can] take [it] home to bake. A % of "Pizza Wednesdays" profits is donated to a different, local non-profit org every month. So, eat good while doing good."

Further away (and just for Fun - really far away...)

Tartaglia's PizzaPizza Chef in New London, Tilton House of Pizza, and JJ’s Woodfired Pizza in Franklin.  Charlie Mac's in Warner, NH:  "best pizza I have ever had."  Carmella's Pizza Long Island New York.

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