A Balanced Start to 2018

Full Moon 1/1/2018

January 1st is just another day so start when you're ready, but seize this time to reflect and look ahead.

The end of the year is often a busy time with everything from work to family to travel to baking to shopping to ________ (you fill in the blank). With that said, the start of a new year can get lumped into that frenzy, but the start of a new year can be such a useful time to slow down, reflect, and look ahead. So if you didn't find a quiet moment between the holidays and the new year and you have jumped back into your usual routine, then try to find some quiet time one evening this week or weekend to start off 2018 with a bit of balance.

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While I had a busy holiday week with lots of travel, I took the day to myself on the first to reflect and plan. And I must say, I am feeling more balanced, really refreshed and mostly re-energized starting off 2018! I used the two resources that follow for guidance, one for my career and one for my personal life.

I like having rules and guidance so these work sheets works really well for me, but if you have your own way to plan go for it just take the time you need! If you just want to learn more about yourself and what works for you, try this quiz from Gretchen Rubin. And if nothing else, remember that January has a blue moon, starting and ending the month with a full moon, and full moons are the perfect time to let go of anything that's unneeded or weighing you down - so see you later last year's baggage and hello fresh new year potential!

BePlucky - This really helped me  reflect on 2017 and plan ahead with a First Aid Kit and prompts to help with those hard conversations!

Make Light Manifesto - This could be used professionally as well, but I focused this all on my personal life again with great reflection and some thought provoking questions.

The Make Light Manifesto also prompted a word for the year and I came up with one that turned into three. The first is presence - be in the moment, limit distractions and multitasking. The next word is patience defined as the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble or suffering without getting angry or upset - who doesn't need more of that? And finally, perspective to help when I am feeling challenged with my presence and patience - repeat after me, "It's all relative, change your viewpoint and you'll see."

Here's to you taking the time and finding the space to start off the new year with what brings you balance. Cheers to 2018!

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