November: Community and Connection

Photo credit: Cait Bourgault Photography from a hike with Alpine Women Collective to Katahdin

This will be a new monthly post where I will be explaining a theme I am giving for the month ahead. Each subsequent Monday in the month I will post a quote and photo going along with the monthly theme, and provide a simple exercise that resonates with the theme and quote. I previously shared a monthly theme and weekly quotes with my regular yoga class that I was leading, but as my teaching schedule has changed my outlet for sharing these themes has also changed and I thought this could be the perfect platform for sharing.

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The theme I am giving to November is community and connection. What better theme and intention to start this out with? This blog and platform has created wonderful connections in the Upper Valley community and beyond. We all have our own communities and connections based on where we live, who we live with, the activities we are engaged in, our pets or kids and their activities, what we read, what we believe in, and much more. Time of year can also play into our community and connections based on our traditions, hobbies, and our celebrations. And no matter what, community, connection and belonging are vital to our health and well-being. 

More and more research is proving just how important community, connection and belonging is for our health. Some of my favorites who are researching this are Brené Brown, Sebastian Junger, and Mark Hyman. Who can you reach out to or what can you do this week to feel more connected or a greater sense of community? Connecting with friends over tea/coffee, going to some movement classes, and voting are on the docket for me this week.

Stay tuned for a quote, photo, and exercise each Monday in the month ahead!

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