December: Believe, Trust, and Hope

As we start off the last month of 2018, I am setting the intention to believe, trust, and hope - having faith that the fog and clouds will lift and blue skies will return, both literally and figuratively. Here in northern New England it already feels like we are in the middle of winter with our days approaching their shortest of the year, snow covered fields, and gray skies. It's no surprise that we are upon the season of celebrating light, giving, and traditions - old and new. So what better time than to believe, trust, and hope? 

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Most of us as kids found it very easy to feel the exciting buzz of the holidays and snow days, but as we get older it seems we lose some of that, or the exciting buzz turns into a stressful buzz. Our anxieties and worries increase making it easy to feel heavy, but what can help make you feel light? What made you giddy around the holidays or in winter as a kid? Can you recreate that in any way now or pass that onto those around you in some way? 

I plan to light more candles and go out to some evening shows this month, we have started our advent calendar that provides a daily dose of sweets and surprise, I'm trying to set aside time to plan/think/worry and not letting that consume more than said set time, and I am listening to more music and less news.

Here are a few of my reminders for the month:

  • Believe: in the spirit of giving and the holiday cheer, in the fact that we have done the best we could this year, that there is more good than bad in the world around us!
  • Trust: yourself and those close to you, that there are some things we can control and many things we can't, that things will work out for the best if we have done our best!
  • Hope: that next year will be full of mostly good unknowns and lessons, that hard work and consistency will eventually pay off, for future fun and adventure!

What are yours? 'Tis the season to believe, trust, and hope!

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