A Teacher's Top Tips to a Successful Year with Your Teen

Do you feel like you have to pry information out of your teen each day? 

How was your day? Good.  What did you do? Same old thing.

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Does their agenda book or book bag feel like an explosion of papers will occur at any moment?  

Do you dread an email or look at the gradebook to see a line of missing assignments?

Don't worry.  You're not alone.  It's common for teens to be disorganized, forgetful, and quiet about school.  Even the best, most diligent, and thoughtful parents struggle with this.

So what's the secret?  

As a middle school teacher, I've learned one thing matters the most when it comes to tackling homework and being successful in school.



In school there already are consistent routines but sometimes at home it's hard for teens to create that same productive atmosphere, because Fortnite is much more fun and tempting...

Help you teen get into routines to create habits so that s/he is organized and learns how to prioritize assignments.  You can learn what types of routines and how to accomplish this on my Secrets to Better Homework Completion.

Okay, so you now that you're ready with the routines you want them to implement.  How do you go about talking to them about it?  It's not like they're going to jump up and down and say, "Yay, let's do this."  They might even refuse!  Here are some tips on how to start the conversation and help ease into the routines: Conversation Tips for Tackling Homework with your Teen.

Want more tips on how to have a successful year?

7 Tips for a Happy Successful Year.  There's lots of interesting ideas in here you don't tend to see like overscheduling your kiddos and cell phone free time on the drive home.  

14 Tips for a Successful School Year.  I like this article because it is detailed and gets to the root of issues like find out what motivates them, paying attention to moods/behaviors, helping them understand their feelings and the root causes, and modeling for them how to cope with change and difficulty.

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