People, Let Me Tell You 'Bout My Best Friend

The Cat and the Dog Who Love To Play

Some of us find ourselves stuck on youtube, watching one funny animal video after another. Others might be a more casual observer - one who enjoys the occasional Facebook share; you know those baby goats get you every time. 

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Regardless of how you come across these videos, eventually you find those that include unexpected friendships. Many of these are sweet, the "aww, look at the big dog snuggling the baby bunny!" type, but sometimes you will find a funny clip of an unusual animal combination in full play mode.

Meet Charlie and Pippin, our two besties at play (narrated by my daughter.)

Pippin just turned two, and, since kittenhood, we have referred to him as a cat-dog. Though he didn't live with dogs when he was young, he has always had many similar behaviors, i.e., greeting everyone at the door, walking them out, the friendly willingness to get in anyone's car and happily take off with them. Pippin did have the chance to get used to Callie first. 

Charlie came along in May when he was three months old. He is a puppy mill rescue, "unsellable" due to genetic knee issues and a possible heart murmur. He's our wild child. We have two cats he knows he can't play with, but Pippin invited the play and Charlie jumped on the chance.  

This isn't even them at their best, where they are racing through the house, stopping momentarily to play-fight, before continuing. Charlie has (obnoxiously) learned to play a bit like a cat, using his paw to try and smack things, and Pippin now play-fights with his mouth wide open, pretending to bite.

Do you have some silly animal best friends? Please share in the comment section!   

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