Yoga Poses to Blend in with the Panamanian Scenery

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A summer vacation for ocean-going, fun-loving, yoga adventurers

Some travelers like to brush up on the local customs before they begin their journey. But how do you prepare for a yoga service trip on the beaches and in the jungles of Panama? Kim Wenger Hall, local yogi extraordinaire, is coordinating a trip to Panama with other Upper Valley yogis (more info here) in July, and recommends practicing a handful of yoga poses to help you blend in to the natural environment around the Sansara Resort.

There are numerous species of primates in Panama, so it's best to brush up on your "monkey pose" to keep a low profile in the jungle. I'm not sure how many monkeys are actually striking this pose, but it's smart to be prepared nonetheless.

I'm sure half-monkey pose is perfectly wonderful, too.

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If you don't rub elbows with Panamanian monkeys, you'll hopefully keep a little company with lizards. Very nice ones, though -- not to worry -- like the adorable little green guy in those commercials. So "lizard pose" is a must, and it feels oh so good.

Fancy pants optional.

After familiarizing yourself with lizard, follow up with "butterfly pose" because there are thousands of butterfly species fluttering about Panama. It's okay if your butterfly wings don't lie very flat but instead seem to point up at the beautiful blue sky. Remember, yoga is a journey, not a destination. Or was that life? Either way, wherever you are is perfect.

These strong butterfly wings will fly me to Panama!

To really get ready for your trip to the beach and jungle, you should practice "turtle pose". This pose, in particular, will help you prepare for your important service work of helping Kim and other Upper Valley yogis guide newly hatched baby sea turtles to the ocean. (More info on that here.) Don't hold the pose too long, though, because you might look so turtle-like that you imprint on a baby sea turtle after it hatches. And you probably aren't allowed to bring anything so exotic through customs, imprinted or not.

I did not know this was humanly possible.

A final pose to help you blend in with the locals is "smoothie chaturanga". This one doesn't need much explaining. It's just a delicious pose.

Hilaria Baldwin demonstrates a variation on the pose with a

"Kale Smoothie Chaturanga".

(photo courtesy of

If you need any pose adjustment or if you have any questions about the July 15th yoga service trip to Cambutal, Panama, please contact Kim at Spaces are limited but the experience won't be!

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