Facets: Meet Vikarnda. Although she grew up in Thailand, her favorite meal is corned beef hash.

Meet Vikarnda. Although she grew up in Thailand, her favorite meal is corned beef hash.

Vikarnda was born in Korat, Thailand and grew up in nearby Nakhon Ratchasima District with her 2 brothers and 2 sisters. They lived closer to Cambodia than to Thailand's capital, Bangkok. Her favorite class in middle school was Cooking, and her favorite dish to make was green curry with chicken. She got her first job as a young teen watching her niece.

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After high school, Vikarnda moved to Bangkok. She went to university there and studied political science. Living in Bangkok was so different from home, and she liked that crazy city life a lot.

Fifteen years ago, Vikarnda met someone and moved to Hartford. At first she stayed home and adjusted to living in a very different place. Later, she worked at several Asian restaurants around the Upper Valley.

In 2016, Vikarnda opened a Thai grocery store that also sells crafts and take-out food. She found suppliers from Boston to Maryland to stock the store with tons of different Asian foods and spices. Her store Is open 6 days a week and you can find just about any Asian food or spice there.

Vikarnda lives in Lebanon with her son. She sells green curry with chicken at her store. When she’s not working, which is rare, she likes to hike. She wishes her son would be just a smidgen more eager to hike with her. Vikarnda has only been back to Thailand once, about 10 years ago. Vikarnda is 50.

What she misses most from Thailand: her parents, brothers, sisters, nieces and cousins 

Favorite Upper Valley meal: corned beef hash at Lou's in Hanover

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