Facets: Meet Brian. He wishes politicians today could work more like the ones he worked with in Missouri.

Meet Brian. He wishes politicians today could work more like the ones he worked with in Missouri. 

Brian was born in Twin Falls, Idaho. It was a great place to grow up with heaps of outdoor activities and a big sky. But he left Idaho and moved to Norwich when he was 7. He went from elementary through high school in the Norwich and Hanover school systems. Even as a young boy Brian knew he’d been blessed - he led a charmed existence. He always felt surrounded by calm and creative people. He was a very serious student in school, and his Marion Cross School teachers encouraged him to pursue what he enjoyed most – creative writing. In high school Brian played basketball and ran cross-country coached by the legendary Jim Eakin. (Not many small town coaches can include 10 individual state champions and 23 team titles on their résumés.) Brian also played the saxophone and sang in a band. He was very happy  during years that are often confusing and muddled to many 

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Brian went about as far away as he could from Norwich to attend college. That would be California. He studied English with ardor. His favorite thing about college was meeting people who were so different from those he'd grown up with in the Upper Valley. In college Brian took up song-writing, and he loved the endless creative possibilities that song-writing whispered to him.

After college, Brian moved to Columbia, Missouri with his girlfriend when she enrolled in graduate school. He had his first “real” job there working as a research analyst for the Missouri State Legislature. His job was absolutely fascinating. Missouri seemed like a mixture of all points America - East, West, North and South. The State was equal parts urban and rural. The Legislature was a 50/50 Republican/Democratic split. And legislators actually got along – they might have quarreled publicly, but they worked together to get things done. And they were civil to one another.

After Missouri, Brian lived in Boston for 3 years and then in Edison, New Jersey for 10 years before returning to Norwich. Back home in the Upper Valley, he was the stay-at-home parent until his youngest child started kindergarten.

Brian lives in Norwich with that grad student girlfriend who is his wife, their children, a dog and a rabbit. He is the Executive Director of Revels North. Brian and a few friends have put together a band, and they regularly play gigs all over the Upper Valley. You can hear him play on the Norwich Green on Father’s Day. And you should. Brian is 45. 

Favorite concert: Los Lobos in New York City when Trey Anastasio from Phish joined in

 One of his favorite things about Norwich: Hogwash Farm.

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