Facets: Taking a break

Almost every day for the last 3 months Facets has brought DailyUV readers a brief profile of someone who lives in the Upper Valley. One of the things the writer has striven to achieve through Facets is to encourage Upper Valley residents to be a little more aware of and to learn a bit about the stories of their neighbors. These neighbors are massage therapists, parking lot attendants, plumbers, retail salespeople and company owners. They are directors and employees at local non-profits, high school students, coaches, manicurists, municipal employees and retired college administrators. Each of these Upper Valley residents has a story, and no one person’s story is more important than another’s. Facets has attempted to share very digestible versions of their stories with its readers.

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While creating these portraits has been an incredibly rewarding journey in that the writer has had the privilege of peering into so many interesting lives and meeting so many different neighbors, it has been no mean feat to publish a facet every day. So Facets will be taking a little break beginning June 1 to re-charge. When Facets does return after a spell, the writer has some ideas about how Facets can continue to bring its readers windows through which they may meet their neighbors. Thank you for accompanying the writer this far. 

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