Worth Knowing: Free burritos in Hanover on Monday - eat to support great local company supporting great local non-profit!

Boloco, the Upper Valley home-grown purveyor of delicious burritos and bowls and smoothies in Hanover,  is partnering with Positive Tracks, the Upper Valley home-grown but now national non-profit that encourages our youths to sweat for good, to offer free burritos in their #EatForACause campaign. You can do your part by supporting both Boloco and Positive Tracks on Monday. How? Pledge a donation and eat.

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Boloco held several Free Burrito Days in Boston on October 16 - 18, where - in lieu of paying for lunch - customers are encouraged to donate to support the Positive Tracks' mission of helping young people make social change through the power of athletics. Guess what? A lot of people did just that.

On Monday, October 29, Free Burrito Days will culminate in Hanover, NH. Celebrate this Upper Valley business and support Positive Tracks' commitment to helping youth take action with - yum - a darn good burrito.

Don't forget. Don't worry - we'll remind you over the weekend.


"We're supremely grateful to Boloco for their generosity and community spirit! We also appreciate the alignment of our missions: The end goal for both businesses is to positively impact lives, communities and futures. Boloco works its magic through food; Positive Tracks does it through physical movement. Add a little love, a hula hoop, and some burrito costumes to the mix, and you've got something special brewin' for the 29th!"

- Nini Meyer, Founder & CEO of Positive Tracks

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