Good Cheap Eats: breakfast at the Blue Sparrow!

I'm a big fan of breakfast out, because (a) what a great way to start the day and (b) it's cheaper than buying lunch or dinner. While it's not as cheap as it used to be, it still can be had for a bargain. Which explains why I started my day today at the Blue Sparrow Kitchen in Norwich Square. 

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There as planned I met my colleague and bitter racing rival, Rob Gurwitt. Funny thing is, Rob stepped away to make a call just as we were poised to place our order. I picked up the whole tab without making a big deal of it, because that's the kind of pal I am. * 

But I digress. The point here is the breakfast sandwiches the Blue Sparrow offers. There are three, though one of them comes with four variations. The most expensive is $5.95.

I picked the Spicy Raven, with a small cup of medium roast coffee for $1.50. Total bill -- not counting Rob's egg and cheese with avocado -- came to $6.45. Well under Rob's Good Cheap Eats threshold of $7.50, even with Vermont's tax thrown in.

And it was good. The pickled jalapenos add a crunch and a kick that sneaks up on you -- warm and lingering, but not unruly. The homemade chorizo sausage patty: hints of chipotle, anise and elderberry liqueur. Satisfying!

So was the vibe. Rob and I sat next to a table full of Thetford luminaries who discussed everything from shingles vaccines to bear spray. That's entertainment, right there. And it was free.

Afterward I checked in with Blue Sparrow owner Amber Boland, who told me the Blue Sparrow has been open for 13 weeks now. She probably could have told me to the hour. "That's like asking how old my children are," she said.

Turns out the Spicy Raven was inspired by the menu at No. 7 Sub in Brooklyn. The name derived from an ambition to name every dish on the Blue Sparrow menu after a bird. But not every dream is meant to come true.

"That got overwhelming pretty quick," Boland said. That said: Look for the Healthy Heron to join the menu soon.

(* What Rob says in the comment below is true. He did offer to pay his fair share! Which is very Rob. I must have been hangry when I wrote that joke.)

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