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Quietly to himself, a kid in a sixth-grade classroom in the middle of a lesson on diagramming sentences is having an epiphany. He’s seeing how sentences are dismantled and remade, and he absolutely gets it. He understands that every word, in its right order, matters. Building sentences, he realizes, he could do all day if somebody let him.

Yep, the kid was me. Years later, I’m still a sucker for well-made sentences and the stories that are strung from them. And now I
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do get to do this all day, every day, for local businesses and organizations who could use a hand putting their mission into words and into the world.

Just a few things I've written:

Women Who Rule the Weld

“Steel is in my blood,” says artist Margaret Jacobs with a nod to her Native American lineage. “Generations of Mohawks have had careers as ironworkers—they were famous for helping shape the New York skyline.” Continue reading... 

The Ancient, Arduous Art of the Stone Wall—Alive and Well in the Upper Valley

After they’ve lugged, chiseled, and lifted the 100-lb. stone into place, Luke Blake and Jake Chase step back to survey the wall—and their next move. “It’s like a game of chess,” says Blake. Continue reading...

BETHEL ROCKS: Pop-Up University Rolls Into Town

I admit I have a soft spot for small towns with big ideas. Last Sunday afternoon, I drove up to Bethel, Vermont, with my 6-year-old daughter to attend our very first class at Bethel University. Continue reading...

Long Trail just made a powder keg of an IPA

Do you have a beer hookup as good as mine? Your own personal Santa Claus of suds, always looking out for your insatiable thirst for IBUs? Continue reading...

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