BREAKING NEWS: Balloons Galore

Oh so magical balloons in Post Mills, VT

Airships and Other Bulbous Craft Grace the Post Mills, VT Skyline

More than twenty-two colorful balloons of all shapes and sizes are lighting up the azure-blue sky here in Post Mills, Vermont this fine Spring evening. It's not too late to get here and enjoy the fun and festivities that abound all around the grounds and grass-strip runways of the Post Mills Airport.

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There's a balloon shaped like a dirigible trying to get off the ground, and just barely succeeding at the moment. And there's a pilot strapped to a chair rising steadily to the heavens.

The "dirigible" balloon, and one little boy's "Hindenburg," rising.

One young boy was yelling, "it's the Hindenburg, the Hindenburg." When I asked if he was alive when the Hindenburg was around he replied, "of course not, I'm too young. But I know the story!" He ran faster down the grass runway to get as close as he could to his newfound "Hindenburg" historical airship. 

Strapped in tight to his chair and ready to go skyward!

It's a perfect evening for balloonists. No wind. Crystal clear. And all the colors of the rainbow and more to show off their balloon's glimmering fabric panels in the late-afternoon sun. It's a lighter-than-air moment. Hope you can get out here to see this spectacle of all shapes and sizes of balloons and balloonists, with people ranging in age from the very young to the very old. 

Of tilting cow-balloons I yearn.

The long view. The church, the baseball field, the cemetery, and dozens of balloonists and friends out having fun on a Spring evening in Vermont. This is the slice of life we all deserve.

A sign hammered to the stairs in the Post Mills Airport's private museum says it all in one word!


Dave Celone is a writer, a poet, and just so happens to own Long River Gallery & Gifts in White River Junction. At the moment, he can watch all the balloon activity from his side porch while sipping a beer. He dreams of being airborne. To follow Dave's posts, please Click Here to get the latest as he writes about all kinds of adventures and spectacles around the Upper Valley and beyond.


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